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Dr. Forley incorporates vitamins and nutritional supplements from VitaMedica to optimize your surgical outcome. VitaMedica's Recovery Support Program supports wound healing, boosts immune function, and stimulates tissue growth factors. The products also minimize inflammation, bruising and swelling that often accompany a surgical procedure.


1. Who should use the Recovery Support Program? Any individual undergoing a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure can benefit from taking the Recovery Support Program. These procedures include liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast surgery, nose surgery, forehead/face lift, and abdominal surgery.

2. Who should not use the Recovery Support Program? Nutritional supplements have an excellent safety track record. However, certain individuals should seek the advice of their doctor before beginning any nutritional supplement program particularly diabetics and pregnant or lactating women. Please refer to the individual products that comprise the Recovery Support Program to determine the contraindications.

3. What is the primary benefit of using the Recovery Support Program? The Recovery Support Program is a comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative nutritional supplement system designed specifically for patients undergoing operative procedures. The Recovery Support Program provides nutrients to speed wound healing, support the immune system, prevent infection, minimize inflammation and reduce bruising.

4. What makes VitaMedica’s Recovery Support Program products unique? A combination of high-quality, targeted ingredients, at dosing levels that support healing. The targeted nutrients in the Recovery Support Program were selected based on extensive use of the best evidence and research, currently available in the nutritional science literature. What is unique about the Recovery Program is that it provides nearly all of the key nutrients that are beneficial for surgery in a single convenient kit. At the same time, it excludes those nutrients such as vitamin E, which should not be taken during the peri-operative period.

5. What products comprise the VitaMedica Recovery Support Program? The Recovery Support Program is comprised of three products: Clinical Support Program, Bromelain with Quercetin and Arnica Montana 30X.

6. When do I begin taking and when do I stop taking the VitaMedica Recovery Support Program? 14 days prior to and following surgery (one month program). An instruction card provides detailed instructions are on how to take each of the products in the Recovery Support Program.

7. Why is it recommended that a patient stop taking all other nutritional supplements 14 days prior to and 14 days following surgery? While nutritional supplements are quite safe, the use of certain supplements around the time of surgery is not recommended. For example, considerable research has shown that vitamin E plays a role in the prevention of heart disease. Part of the reason for this, may lie in its ability to thin the blood. While this is a benefit overall, it can be problematic during surgery. Other supplements such as fish liver oil, ginkgo, garlic and ginseng also thin the blood, which in turn can promote bleeding. Supplements such as St. John’s Wort, while beneficial for mild depression, can intensify the anesthetic effect. Stopping all supplements 14 days prior to surgery provides enough time for these nutrients to be eliminated from the body. These supplements are not necessary 14 days following surgery because the Recovery Support Program provides all of the nutrients needed for healing and repairing the body.

8. Why is the Recovery Support Program only a one-month program? The Recovery Support Program includes nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, Bromelain and Arnica Montana in appreciable amounts to optimize the surgical outcome. While these nutrients are beneficial during the peri-operative period, it is not recommended that they be used on a long-term basis or in such high dosages. Conversely, while the Recovery Support Program excludes certain nutrients such as vitamin E, it makes sense to take this important fat-soluble antioxidant on a daily basis because it plays such an important role in the prevention of heart disease, cancer and stroke.

9. What other VitaMedica products can be used after the Recovery Support Program to maintain my surgical results and support overall health & wellness? The visible aspects of surgery, namely bruising and swelling, typically disappear after a few weeks. However, the body’s effort to repair and rebuild itself often extends 3-9 months following a surgical procedure. While the Recovery Support Program is intended to assist the healing process during the peri-operative period (2 weeks before and 2 weeks following surgery), a number of VitaMedica nutraceuticals are designed to provide the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required for long–term support after a surgical procedure. VitaMedica’s high-potency Multi-Vitamin & Mineral formula provides all of the essential vitamins & minerals necessary for optimal health and wellness. VitaMedica’s Omega-3 supplements, including Flax Seed Oil and Super EPA/DHA Fish Oil provide an excellent source of these important polyunsaturated fats. As the name implies, Broad Spectrum Antioxidant, provides a broad range of antioxidants to protect different organ systems from free-radical damage including the skin. And, DermalNutrients is a specialized protein powder that is fortified with dermal nutrients to support collagen & elastin development and to boost the immune system. VitaMedica's Age Management products are designed to support wellness while providing nutrients to support healthy, more youthful-looking skin.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Copyright © 2005 VitaMedica, All Rights Reserved.

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