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Forehead Lift in New York

The position of the forehead and brow tissues also affects the appearance of the eyes. A low brow and forehead wrinkling may be the result of heredity or aging. If your brow area sags downward and is too close to your upper eyelids, you may look stern, angry or tired. This appearance is accentuated when frown wrinkles appear between the eyes and across the forehead. A brow lift can often create a more pleasing shape and arch to the brow.

By lifting the brow upward, your eyes will appear larger and more open with a fresher, more energetic look. Dr. Forley typically performs a browlift using an endoscope with small incisions concealed within the hairline. Special fine instruments are introduced which allows Dr. Forley to perform surgery while visualizing the operative site on a video monitor. The attachments of the brow to the underlying bone are released to permit the tissues to be lifted upward, providing the required lifting of the brows and reduction of forehead wrinkling. Marked wrinkling due to overactivity of the muscles of the forehead can be treated with preservation of facial expression.

No hair is trimmed during browlift surgery. You will be placed in a head wrap for 5 days, followed by an elastic headband which is worn for 1 week until the sutures are removed. Your forehead may feel tight for the first 48-72 hours due to swelling that gradually resolves. Most of the bruising gravitates downward into the eyelid area, and can usually be covered by camouflage makeup until it resolves in 7-10 days. Patients can return to work in 10 to 14 days.

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