SilkPeel3® Diamond Dermalinfusion

A combination of controlled exfoliation with advanced microdermabrasion technology and condition specific serum infusions makes the new SilkPeel3® Diamond Dermalinfusion system a versatile addition to a comprehensive skin care regimen.

The skin conditions that will benefit from the SilkPeel3® Diamond Dermalinfusion system include dry skin, aging skin, sunspots, and acne.

The technology of using gentle suction to draw the skin into the handpiece chamber allows for a consistent level of removal of the surface layer of cells by the abrasive tip and eliminates the need for crystals in the microdermabrasion process. In addition, oils and impurities are cleansed from the skin during this procedure. Pneumatic pressure is then utilized to enable a uniform skin penetration of the serum that has been selected for your specific needs.


Although a single treatment will improve your skin, most patients will benefit from a series of 4-6 treatments at 1-2 week intervals. The skin feels smooth and appears brightened after the procedure with no downtime or special aftercare required.

Additional maintenance treatments and a customized skin care program are recommended based on your individual needs.

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