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The Selective Waveband Technology (SWT) that is unique to the Nordlys system enables the treatment of a broad range of frequently encountered skin disorders using light energy. Precise energy pulses are used to deliver only those wavelengths beneficial to the treatment of brown pigmentation and red vascular skin conditions such as rosacea. The targeted sites of skin discoloration are “energized” by the pulsed heat, causing them to lighten and dissipate usually within 1-3 monthly sessions.

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63 year old female 2 weeks after 1 Nordlys photorejuvenation treatment of the face

*Results may vary.

The red blood cells in veins and capillaries are the target for the Nordlys Nd:YAG laser energy. The heat is transmitted to the lining of the vessel wall surrounding the red blood cells resulting in collapse of the vessel thereby stopping any blood flow. Without blood flow, the treated vessel disappears. Spider veins on the legs and facial capillaries or superficial veins around the eye respond extremely well to this treatment. A series of SWT treatments can also be used for effective clearance of unwanted facial or body hair.

Advanced non-ablative laser treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and scars is delivered with the FRAX 1550 applicator. The outer layer of skin remains intact with this type of laser to speed the healing process and minimize the downtime. It can be combined with an SWT treatment of sun spots to rejuvenate both the color and texture of the skin at the same session.

The multiple treatment possibilities with the Nordlys system all share a high level of efficacy with a treatment experience that is comfortable, safe, and fast.

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Fractora improves skin tone and surface texture with the use of a combination of microneedling and bipolar radiofrequency energy. Tiny punctures in the skin are produced by a handheld device followed by the delivery of a controlled level of heat below the skin surface.

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This combination “fractional” heat treatment stimulates new collagen deposition that enhances skin quality, giving it a more refreshed, youthful appearance with fewer lines and wrinkles. In addition, acne scars can be diminished by the collagen stimulating properties of Fractora that consists of 3-6 sessions at monthly intervals. It is safe for all skin types due to the ability to customize the depth and intensity of the heat delivery to the skin.

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Patients can go back to work and social activities soon after a Fractora procedure as seen in this patient 3 days following a treatment around her eyes

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